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CaseUp Mobile Phone Repair Shop in Newport, Cardiff UK

CaseUp is the Mobile phone repairing company, started from 39 Commercial Street, Newport. And now it has been expanded to whole Newport in months. Wait! How is it possible? It is indeed possible by the means of online platform to our customers and providing them doorstep mobile phone repair services at their place. Now a days it is very obvious that every person had a smartphone. And it is indeed not a lie that everyday somewhere someone’s smartphone screen got broken, or their smartphone might get damaged by water or its case got broken etc. there can be many possibilities for a smartphone damage but only one cure Mobile Phone Repair. That’s what goes through our head is such situations. Well now if you are in Newport or Cardiff, got your iPhone damaged then no need to worry. CaseUp is at your service.

You break it, We Fix It!

You’ll just have to follow few steps that our company offers:

  1. Book A mobile phone repair
  2. Technician Visit
  3. Inspection and Diagnostic
  4. Repair Under An hour

We have over hundreds of satisfied customers, 100% successfully Resolved Problem, 100% Feedback and also we do repair under 60 minutes. Now let us give you a glimpse of our Mobile Repairing Standards.

Let us discuss some few tips to keep your iPhone smartphone safe. First off use a proper case, along with the screen protector, Avoid extreme temperatures, and also try to keep your Smartphone away from liquid things, keep your iPhone Away from dust. We’ve cell phone parts and iPhone parts in stock.

If you want to learn more just stay connected and don’t miss our next blog.

Just book your repair with us and it’ll fix at your place under an hour.

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