iPhone Battery draining problems

Fix iPhone 5 or iOS 6 Battery Draining Problems CaseUp

Apple iPhone Battery Draining Problems Solution:

Imagine yourself waiting for your iPhone to be charged since 2 hours and yuppie its finally charged. But what happens next is that you might use it for an hour and the battery drops with very speed it is just 30% remaining. Very Bad!  Isn’t it. But your problem now will be solved by just following these two simple steps. Take a look and unburden yourself. (iPhone Battery Draining Problems)

  1. Disable location awareness on your apps

The first thing to fix is to disable all of the apps that have the location aware feature enabled on your iPhone or iPad.  As you’ll see, with iOS 6 you now have a lot of apps that are processing your location.

1)  Tap on “Settings” on your screen

2)  Tap on “Privacy

3)  Tap on “Location Services

Now look through that list and turn off all of the apps that have location enabled that you either

  1. a) Don’t use the apps much, or
  2. b) There’s no real need to have location enabled.

Disabling the location settings on these apps is going to take a huge burden off the batter of your iPhone and iPad.

  1. Kill active apps you aren’t using

The next fix to your iPhone or iPad battery drain issue is to kill the active apps running in the background that you aren’t using.

1)  From the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, double tap the home button (the circular home button).

2)  You’ll now see a string of apps appear at the bottom of your screen > press and hold one of those apps until they start jiggling and you see a red circle with a minus sign.

3)  Start tapping the minus sign to close out the apps.

You are not deleting these apps from your iPhone or iPad.  What you are doing is stopping them from processing in the background and draining your battery.

I hope these tips helped you fix your iOS 6, iPhone, and iPad battery drain issues.

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