iPhone 7 Audio Malfunction

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Now a days, many of us own iPhone 7 and we use it like a pro. I think that a phone is always our best possession because in today’s world we can’t even imagine spending a day without it. Or dealing with any kind of the malfunction. However in meanwhile there is a malfunction in audio system of iPhone has been reported a lot. And if you are a victim of it too then there is no need to be worried now because CaseUp brings you the best expert technicians to repair your phone in just under an hour at you own place.

IPhone 7 audio malfunction has become so common that we’ve decided to post a little more info about typical symptoms and what can be done to address this.

Due to the internal design, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are victims to this particular issue where all of your audio will simply cut out.  The reason this happens is; due to physical drops, bends in the frame of the phone, or just bad luck, a pad called C12 loosens up underneath the audio IC chip.  Once this pad has loosen, the audio IC chip cannot do its job correctly.  When it going to happen you will encounter the following symptoms:

  • 1) Total audio cut off:

    when making a phone call, you will not be able to hear the person on the other end of the line, and same is for them. If you click on voice memo and try to create a recording, you will get a “recording failed” message.

  • 2) Boot looping:

    your iPhone 7 or 7+ may begin to just hang on the Apple logo endlessly.  The home button will still click, but the iPhone will not boot up all the way.

So if your iPhone has diagnosed with these symptoms do not be late to call us. And book our repair. Because:

We fix your phones, No matter what the problem.

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