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iPhone Battery Repair or Replacement Cardiff, Newport UK

If you have one of those iconic iPhones, & it’s been quite some time that the battery of the device is causing problems. You must have been caught by the dilemma of choosing between replacing and repair the battery of iphone and must have gotten depressed.

Well, do not curse yourself please. There are many people like you who are facing the same problem as you are. What you need is to go through the signs, some of which will clearly tell you to repair the battery and some others, to replace it.

These are the moments when you feel that nagging jittery that makes you scramble for the same reason and the action to address the issue. But just before that, you need to have a clear understanding of the symptoms your phone having.

If Battery outgrowing your iPhone:

Simple, the battery has swollen and has outgrown your iPhone, hence it clearly means at this point that you Battery needs to be repaired. What are you even waiting for!

For iPhone 6 or higher ones – it is a sluggish story:

If you have iPhone 6 or one that is of higher version, it behaves radically – sluggish most of the times and stopping midway even after starting applications and opening websites in a proper way. It definitely means that your iphone battery need to be repaired not replaced.

And For iPhone 5 or lower ones – the battery life is terribly short:

In case you have iPhone version 5 or one of a version that is lower, it might be possible at times the battery life is incredibly shorter. Even if you charge up the battery to the fullest, it only runs for a limited period. Again, the battery has gone for a toss and it has to be replaced for the best results.

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