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Can you imagine yourself spending a day without your smartphone? Obviously no. But what is you drop your smartphone and its screen is broken with a blink of an eye. Which definitely means that your needs smartphone screen repairing. Which means you have to spend time without your precious IPhone or Samsung? Alas!

But no need to be worried because we are at your service and CaseUp Mobile Phone provides you the best mobile repairing service in the Cardiff Newport. Why we claim this? Because we have 100% guaranteed feedback and because our expert team can fix any issue regarding your smartphone in just 60 minutes or less. Yes! It is true.

But as the facility we can provide you, CaseUp cares for its customer. So in this article we are not just giving you the solution but also the precaution from breaking your screen.

So here is some information regarding IPhone & Samsung screen protectors. That will definitely help you.

What is meant by smartphone screen protector?

The smartphone screen protector is a thin foil, plastic or glass that covers the front of your phone and provides it with additional protection against scratches, blows, and punches. Depending on the material it is made of and quality of production, your Mobile Phone screen protector can have a different price range.

The screen protector is applied directly on the display of your phone, and it provides an additional protective layer. In order to apply it correctly you need to clean your display and to press the screen protector against it. Be careful I may repeat be careful and make sure to squeeze all air bubbles out because they can reduce the protective capacity of the screen protector.

The smartphone screen protector central role is to absorb scratches and punches instead of your display. In case it breaks, you will quickly replace it for a couple of bucks. Because you must be aware of the fact that replacing a screen protector would be much cheaper as compared you the new screen.

I hope this blog will be helpful for you. For more information stay connected! Stay tuned!

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