iPhone XS Advantage and Disadvantages

iPhone XS Advantage & Disadvantages, Case-Up Mobile Phone Repair Shop

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Hi guys! Today we are sharing a very useful information with you regarding your iPhone XS. If you are current user of it then you probably should consider the cons and be careful. If you are not an iPhone XS then you must see the pros and you’ll end up making your mind about buying it.

iPhone XS Advantages:

  1. iOS 12

Utilizing the most recent iOS 12 with the iPhone XS, it gives a smooth and charming client experience. The new iOS additionally has a few astute new highlights, including:

Gathering notices – Notifications are lumped into gatherings, so when you check your gadget following an hour or two, you won’t be overflowed with a broad summary of warnings.

Screen Time – This element empowers you to screen how much time you spend on your cell phone, what applications occupy the vast majority of your time, and so on.

  1. Face Recognition

Apple’s Face ID innovation may not be as fast at opening your telephone as a secret word or unique finger impression examine, however Apple guarantees the facial acknowledgment highlights are snappier and more exact than previously. What’s more, it’s unfathomably secure.

  1. 4 GB RAM

The iPhone XS has 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. This is helpful all through the OS, yet particularly when there are loads of website pages open or you continually need to hop between dynamic applications.

  1. Dual SIM

The Apple iPhone XS is a Dual-SIM smartphone that accepts Nano-SIM and e-SIM.

  1. Improved Screen

While the resolution (2436 x 1125) and pixel density (458 pixels per inch) on the XS are like its previous versions, there more colors because of the enhancement of the dynamic range of its display.

  1. Improved Storage Capacity

It has improved storage capacity 512GB / 256 GB / 64 GB.

iPhone XS Disadvantages:

  1. Problem with the Face ID

The issue with the Face ID is that it isn’t suitable for enough situations as the Touch ID unique finger impression scanner seemed to be. Face ID doesn’t function admirably in low light and on occasion when it’s moderate, cumbersome, or hard to point your telephone at your face — like when you are sitting and you need to check a warning or you’re sitting at a stoplight and you need to change playlists on a music application.

  1. Incomplete Touch ID Features

Touch ID doesn’t work well when your hands are wet. Which makes it difficult to use it at such situations.

  1. Not Handy

The bigger size of device large cases are difficult, even impossible to handle with one hand.

  1. Very Pricey

iPhone XS is very expensive as compared to other iPhone 4,5, or 6.

  1. Shorter Battery Life

New iPhones offers a non-removable battery but it has shorter battery life than last year’s iPhone X:

  • iPhone XS Max – 10 hours 38 minutes
  • iPhone XS – 9 hours 48 minutes
  • iPhone X – 10 hours 49 minutes


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