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iPhone XS Benefits Features, CaseUp Mobile Phone Shop Cardiff

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After the successful launch of the iPhone X, apple launched iPhone XS on September 2018. It is an upgraded version of iPhone X with additional features and quality improvement, bugs fixes.

Let us go through the some unique features of the iPhone XS and then also learn some limitations about it.

iPhone XS Features:

  1. iOS(operating System) 12:

    This version of iOS provides more smooth and enjoyable user experience. It includes some unique features like Group notifications and Screen time. It means when you will check your iPhone XS after an hour or two your screen will be managed by the iOS in such a way that this system will automatically convert the notifications into groups.

Secondly, it will also give information on which application make up most of your time.

  1. Face recognition:

    Apple’s Face ID technology may not be as quick at unlocking your phone as a password or fingerprint scan in other smartphones, but meanwhile Apple claims the facial recognition features are quicker and more accurate than before. And it’s unbelievably secure and safe.

  2. 4 GB RAM:

    The iPhone XS has 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, WOW. It is useful throughout the OS, yet especially when there are lots of web pages open or you constantly have to jump between active applications then at that time this feature provides you the best performance.

  3. Fast Wireless Charging:

    Instead of increasing the wattage supported by wireless charging, Apple has improved the technology of fast wireless charging they already have implemented in the previous releases of smartphones. Now in your phone too if you are an iPhone XS user.

The iPhone XS has tighter coils internally supporting quicker and more efficient wireless charging on existing 7.5W chargers. The best thing is that you don’t need to update the Qi charger.

  1. Improved Screen:

    While the resolution (2436 x 1125) and pixel density (458 pixels per inch) on the XS are like its previous version, there are more colors because of the enhancement of the dynamic range of its display in iPhone XS.

  2. Dual SIM:

    The Apple iPhone XS is a Dual-SIM smartphone that accepts Nano-SIM and e-SIM.

These are some features listed here but it also has improved camera, improved storage capacity, tougher glass case etc. for more stay connected.

For more information stay connected! Stay tuned!

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