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Well! As you all might have iPhone also known some of the many best qualities of your iPhone or you can call them simply as remarkable.

As CaseUp is a company which repairs mobile technology on a daily basis we possesses familiarity with many different makes and models of popular devices. Today, most of “smart” phones possess or even surpasses the capabilities of laptops. If you are owner of an Apple iPhone, the chances are very high that you’ll discover useful short cuts for accomplishing a variety of daily tasks.

Here are some techniques by means of which you’ll impress friends and family members, and possibly save time, as well:

  1. Uninstall Apps with Ease of access:

    To uninstall an app, just press it very lightly. It will quiver, an “x” will appear on the screen over its icon now if the app permits you to uninstall it however some apps won’t permit you to uninstall them easily. Tap the “x” to confirm the uninstallation.

  2. Move Apps effortlessly From place to another:

    To relocate an app on your iPhone device, repeat the operation described previously. However, instead of uninstalling, simply use your fingers to drag the quivering app to the location you prefer it to be. But consider you’ll only need to apply light pressure, and too heavy a touch may initiate a 3D touch program.

  3. Spare Your Batteries from ending quickly:

    If you fear the batteries cannot continue operating much longer then reportedly simply switching to the “Low Power” mode offers a great deal of help. This mode sometimes helps people avoid draining the batteries during an emergency situation!

  4. Avoid Receiving Calls at Inconvenient Times:

    The iPhone allows it owners to post a virtual “Do Not Disturb” message. This feature offers help to drivers. Well for this you can initiate the message from the mobile phone’s convenient Control Center.

  5. Answer your Phone Calls with an Automatic Message:

    To apply the “Auto-Answer Calls” feature, simply locate the Audio Routing screen from the Accessibility screen. You can reach the Accessibility feature by go to>>Settings and touching the General screen.

However, if you are facing any kind of problem regarding you iPhone, whether it is broken screen, water damaged, audio malfunction CaseUp is at your service with the best expert repairers.

We fix your phones, No matter what the problem.

100% Guaranteed Mobile Phone Repairs at your door.

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