Samsung Galaxy Phone Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Glass Screen Replacement Guide

In this article, CaseUp will give you a complete guide on “how to replace Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Glass Screen at home”. Case-up is Newport, Cardiff based Mobile and iPod repairing company. Our highly-talented technicians will repair your devices at a time and place that suits you. We will come to your office, home, hotel, or any location you choose and fix your phone in front of you in about 30 to 50 minutes while you carry on your day.

NOTE: In Covid-19 Situation, repairs will done in fully equipped workshop, so our technician will no need to enter your home.

OLED is different from LCD. The well-known representative of OLED is Samsung SUPER AMOLED. It has brilliant, sharp colors, but it seems so sensitive and fragile as you accidentally drop your phone on the ground, you will probably get a shattered screen. The Samsung s7 edge screen repair is very difficult, even at repair stores. Because the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone and screen use tons of adhesive to attach the screen, glass lens and the frame, meaning when anyone connection breaks one of them all three need to be replaced. Replacing the glass only is a big challenge, even for professionals. Today, we will guide you on this replacement.

Steps to replace Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Glass Screen:

  • The first step is to do cracked screen testing. You have to make sure the display and touch functions both work well on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge glass-cracked screen.
  • Frame Separating is the next step. First, we need to remove the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge glass screen and the case from the middle frame of the phone. Then use Pry Piece, 530 cleaner, and Heat Platform to separate the LCD and frame preliminarily, and lastly separate it completely with Frame Separator.
  • The third step is OLED Separating. There is a difference between Samsung Super AMOLED screen separating and iPhone screen repair, and here we use Frozen Separator to disable the glue and a plastic Pry Piece to help. Now, put the screen into Frozen Separator, freezing 30s, then separate the OLED from the glass.
  • Next step is Glue removing. You can use 8333 removers and N-hexane, and clean the glue residue on the OLED.
  • OCA Laminating is our next step. With the help of a Manual OCA Film Laminating Roller, you need to laminate OCA sheet onto OLED.
  • Removing the bubble is our next step. You need to put OLED into Bubble Removing Machine for 15 minutes. Make sure the OCA is bubble-free on OLED.
  • Our next step is Glass Laminating. You need to align the front glass with OLED, and then laminate the glass and OLED with the help of Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine.
  • Our next step is again, bubble removing. You need to put it into Bubble Removing Machine again for 15 minutes. And make it bubble-free after glass laminated.
  • In the last step, Test repaired screen. You need to make a complete test of the repaired screen display performance, touch functions, and all testing are good. Make sure that everything is working fine. Motorbike leather jacket

These above steps can help and guide you through replacing the glass screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

We try our best to provide you guide that you can understand and implement easily. You can book your repairs with CaseUp. We have a team of professional technicians that will resolve your mobile issue within some minutes. If you need more information, you can visit us or contact us at our social media account.

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