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is the Mobile Repairing company, located at 39 Commercial Street, Newport. It offers a number of Mobile repair services whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, iPad and also some other our previous blog we have discussed about the iPhone repair problems. Today, we are going to take you through the series of Samsung repair services offered by CaseUp. Here’s the hierarchy:

Then Samsung Repairs list will be shown with the services that we offered related to Samsung repairs. The description of which are as follows:

  1. First you will have to select the model you want repairer for. The list of models we offer on site.


  1. Then after selecting the model now select the color of your model.


  1. After you select the color of your Samsung for repairs. Now you will see the possible problems that occur commonly.


  • Samsung screen repair If you have broken screen then select this problem.
  • If you are having issue with your home button. Click on this one.
  • Any Battery issue. Select this one.
  • Your Samsung might have problem with the Power Button.
  • Or your Microphone might be damaged.
  • Headphone jack might be working wrong.
  • Ear speaker might not be functioning properly.
  • Volume might be not lowering the volume or the opposite.
  • Mute button might be corrupted.
  • However there is also a chance that you front camera might be damaged and you are not able to take the selfies in it.
  • But wait! Your Rear Camera might be damaged. You‘ll have to inspect properly.
  • Vibrator problem could also be solved.
  • Loud Speaker can also bring to work properly.
  • The charger port could also stop working.
  • May be you have broken your back housing of the Samsung.
  • If you back glass is broken or damaged then select this problem.


  1. Now if you have any of these problem just select it. If not in the mentioned list then kindly contact us and describe your problem in case of any other problem like water damaged, switched off etc.


  1. Now after selecting the problem, book your Samsung and proceed to checkout. Fill the booking form. And our team member will be at your service. And you’ll have your Samsung repair just under an hour.


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