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Hi guys! I am just a kid like you, playing my favorite games on my tab. My parents are on their jobs. And I am playing along with my friends on my tab. Having perfect selfies and making drawing. But suddenly I dropped my tab and the screen is broken. I am really tensed because if my parents would know they will scold me. Oh my god! I am so upset what do I do now?

My friend asked me to search the internet. I searched for the Tab Repair and got the perfect solution. What? Case-up Mobile Repairing service in Newport. Their mechanism was so simple. I just had to book a repair and he was at my home. I got the money from my savings. The repairer was so cooperative. He fixed my tab in less than 60 minutes. And my tab is just good as new. And my parents got home I told them what happened. They were happy to know that by case-up awesome service I was able to fix my tab on my own. Sampling by booking a repair.

So, if you are kid, teenager or an adult! Having issue with your iPhone, Samsung, iPad or tab. You just got to visit:

Book a repair, have a visit of repair and fixing of your problem in just 1 hour time. And by their feedback you can see that they provide the 100% guaranteed work. Also because of the expert team of repairers they have. So by means of Case-up Mobile Repairing is not a stressful issue any more.

If your phone got wet here are some precautions you need to take before doing anything else:

  1. Do not put your phone into a bag of uncooked rice.
  2. Do not use a heat source in an attempt to dry your wet phone.
  3. Do not put your wet phone in the freezer.
  4. Do not use rubbing alcohol to dry a wet phone.

So the thing that you need to do is that, first quickly take your phone out of the water. Don’t! I repeat don’t press any button. Just take the battery out if cannot stand it upright to allow excess water to drain.

And also remove the other removable components. And dry them with the clean cloth. And then book our services. And we’ll take it from here.

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